Dec 01

Amazing Autumn Photography on Ullswater 2016

Ullswater is renowned for its Autumnal displays across the Lake District, and this year Autumn in our stunning valley has been one of the most amazing and sensationally beautiful that many of us can remember.

The colour changes started early with the first dazzling touches of lime yellow, and we worried that the season would be short – needlessly – as Autumn proceeded to unfold into a leisurely lengthy and complex series of rich colour drifts and magical atmospheric effects. No two days have been the same, to paraphrase, ‘Infinite variety’ has been Ullswater’s Autumnal gift this year, and it still continues to surprise and delight us.

The scientific reason for the dazzling display is that the wet Spring and sunny Summer were ideal for building up leaf sugars – which the trees reabsorb as the days shorten. They’ve been able to accrue such a bounty this year that even the shock of sudden early snows have not brought the season to an abrupt end, they have instead created magical new combinations of seasonal mists and sunlight, producing extraordinarily dramatic effects.

In this case pictures really do talk louder than words, as words have proved sorrily inadequate in the face of such continuous splendour. We post regularly on our social media - often within minutes so you can see life as it happens. 

We love Ullswater in all her moods, and for the fact that whatever she does, she does it well; this year she’s playing Autumn as a full on Middle Earth/Las Vegas Diva/Showgirl! That’s quite impressive for a 500 million year old valley.

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