Feb 23

The February Garden

Starting the Year: Phil Auty, Head Gardener, (and Henry).

February sees the start of our new gardening year, when we start to sow flowers and vegetables to see the garden borders, houseplants, and kitchens, through the coming year.

Antirrhinums, Lobelia, and Geraniums, all fill out the borders and ornamental containers in the garden and around the hotel; Sweet Peas fragrance the lounges throughout Summer and up to the first frosts.

The Fuschias which overwinter in the back greenhouse are all showing signs of life, we’re dependent on the last frosts of the year for transplanting them into the borders en masse for a swathe of colour.

The roses will be ready for their second pruning soon, the beds in front of the garden rooms are rich with many colours over Summer as the roses are fronted with the peachy Antirrhinums. Hard to imagine as at the moment they’re tiny pinhead sized seedlings.

Key seasonal interest: our carpet of Snowdrops along our lakeside walk to the old pavilion, the first cheering sight of Spring.