Aug 17

The fruits of summer in and around Ullswater

Bathed in August sunshine, the lakeshore shoulder high with wildflowers, and the lake below Hallin Fell aflutter with sailboats we almost wish time would stand still. Days like this are certainly to be savoured, but we know if we could stay at this moment in time we’d be depriving ourselves of all the other seasonal riches Ullswater can bestow on us. This year so far is setting us up for a glorious Autumn, Ullswater’s swathes of ancient woodland are very likely to put on displays of rich, changing colour – from the first sharp lime yellows indicating we’re slipping from one season to the next, through to the rich russets and ambers of proper Autumn. Hopefully it’ll be another bumper crop of hazelnuts for the valley’s many red squirrels – it’s a promising time to see them as the young travel to find their own new home patch. And not to be missed is that short window of time, when the visual delights are augmented by the almost mythical booming roar of the Red stags during October’s rutting season. The air gets sharper and the clarity is perfect for immense yet minutely detailed views. It’s magical. It’s a popular time of year, so plan ahead if you’d like to visit - accommodation can be at a premium during the Ullswater Outdoor Festival in particular. Here are some forthcoming highlights from the Ullswater diary, from gentle to as hard as it gets: Saturday 3rd September: The Ullswater Way Walk, an informal celebration of the new round Ullswater walk just inaugurated this year. The Friends of the Ullswater Way invite people to come and walk all, or part of the route as they wish on this day. Sunday 4th September: The Helvellyn Triathalon, Sharrow Bay would be the perfect place to return to for luxury cosseting and guilt free fine-dining, to follow all that hard work. Saturday 24th September - to Sunday 2nd October: Nine days of guided walks and outdoor events based on all there is to treasure about this beautiful valley at one of its peak times. Sunday 23rd October: The Ullswater way Challenge – who can get round fastest?

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