Hallin View

The most exclusive of all... Hallin View
The smallest dining room offering the most sensational dining experience. Previously a terrace edge Summer House with its toes in the water, lovingly recreated as a private dining room, seating only four people at the most, (for the tiniest of weddings or most secretive of business lunches). 
Make grand gestures in a tiny place with a vast view; create life-long treasured memories.
The most exclusive, and most romantic Private Dining experience in the Lakes.                                                                                                                                                                                      
No other dining room in the lakes has such a literally lakeside location, enjoying the best view along Ullswater towards the central mountains, (we would say the best view in the country).
Available for Lunch, Afternoon Tea, and Dinner: Gourmet menu inclusive in the price.
Lunch or Dinner: £275 for two; £495 for four.                                                                                      
1 Glass of Champagne per person included.
All other drinks will be billed as taken.
Available between 12noon to 2.30pm for lunch, 7pm arrival for dinner.
Afternoon Tea £150 for two, £250 for four, tea and room inclusive, from 3.pm to 6.30pm.
New for 2018 - Hallin View is Pet Friendly!
Artists: If unlike Turner, Constable or Lear you do not venture out for a day's painting with a retinue of servants and cartloads of provisions, you could make life easier by letting the view come to you.
Hallin View can be hired between 9am to 5pm for the use of artists, for £150 per day.
Meals and refreshments not included in the price of artists’ hire.