Apr 29

The Up to Our Necks Cookbook

This is a cause close to our hearts here at Sharrow Bay, so Head Chef Mark Teasedale was keen to contribute his special ‘Roast Leg of Herdwick Lamb with an Herb Crust’ to this charity cookbook. We can vouch it is delicious! Herdwick Lamb rightly deserves its Protected Designation of Origin Status, we would say there is no lamb like it for taste and we wouldn’t be exaggerating – those extra months on the hills maturing, and a diverse natural diet, lead to a fragrant lean and tender meat that benefits from subtle enhancement, as with Mark’s recipe. The ‘Up to Our Necks’, cookbook is the brainchild of Farmland Magazine, created in response to last December’s floods to fundraise for the Eden Flood Volunteers and R.A.B.I. (the farming charity). It is heart-warming so many famous and prominent people have contributed despite their busy lives – Julia Bradbury, Helen Skelton, Hari Gotra, (of the Tamarind Restaurants), and Wendi Peters among many. We felt honoured to be invited to take part, but of course the one thing we’d never give away is the recipe for our famous Sticky Toffee Pudding! You’ll still have to visit us to sample that. We know first-hand what it is like to have experienced the destructive power of Storm Desmond, but we were so lucky compared to many – and of course we don’t have livestock to consider. Mark’s father is a traditional lakes hill farmer, from the flanks of Blencathra heading towards Mungrisedale. He might have moved away from the family business and into the hospitality trade but through his role at Sharrow bay he actively promotes the delicious Herdwick Lamb this area is rightly famous for. The Fine-Dining menus, and trademark retrospective Sharrow Through the Ages Lunch menu, always feature local produce and Herdwick in particular. In the months following the floods we have been happy to help with many fundraising projects, and instigated some of our own. Ullswater has a great sense of community, and what recent events have highlighted is that sense of community still exists across the county. Thank you to everybody who contributed, and to Farmland Magazine for such a great idea! Up to Our Necks is available in Paperback or Online through the App Store or Android Marketplaces from 1st May and is just £10 + P&P. The book has been Published by Farmland Magazine. http://www.farmlandpress.com/buy/product/up-to-our-necks-charity-cookbook/

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