Ullswater's native Red Squirrels.
Apr 14

Red Squirrels at home by Ullswater

Sharrow Bay is happy to help support the conservation and protection work of Penrith and District Red Squirrel Group. The Lake District is one of the last remaining areas in England that has a healthy and numerous surviving population of our native Red Squirrels – Sharrow Bay has regular visitors to our feeders in the gardens, and they can often be seen in the lovely old woods around the lake; (watch out for them on our drive, it may be a woodland creature but red squirrels are also partial to taking life easy by running along roads, and our drive is a shortcut to the feeder).

Penrith Red Squirrel Group works with great dedication to protect our Ullswater populations for the future, and we are able to help them by taking up a Corporate Sponsorship. This helps them protect the native reds from new populations of grey squirrels which carry a deadly virus, Squirrel Pox, that they are immune to but our reds are not. Greys will eat all the food given the chance especially when it comes to the acorns. This is due to them having evolved in the hard wood forests of America - they can eat the acorns when still green and unripe, reds cannot digest them until they're ripe as their digestive system simply can't tolerate the tannin content.

The red squirrels are a beautiful little creature, and their populations have declined over the last few decades; so it’s important to do what we can to help. Supporting the Penrith group is the best way to do so locally – and please do phone them with any sightings of grey squirrels, constant vigilance is required and we can all help out by being an extra pair of eyes. If you’re interested in P&DRSG’s work you can find out more on their website. http://www.penrithredsquirrels.org.uk/ Photo Credit : Paul Fowlie

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