Luxury rooms Lake District, Ullswater | Sharrow Bay


Courtyard is a unique Classic bedroom in both location and decor. It leads off the cobbled courtyard by the original mews but adjoins the Main House sitting midway between the Main House and the garden Rooms. It looks out directly over the jetty and the start of the lakeside walk - across Ullswater towards the central mountains. It is one of a kind that holds a special place in many people's affections. 

It is a litle bit of Sharrow Bay history, being perfectly preserved from earlier more flamboyant days, and remains so by popular request. We're beginning to consider that maybe it should become a listed interior - being the perfect embodiment of a fashion for floral fabric ruched and swagged on every possible surface. Courtyard is dual aspect  out to the yard with its pretty Acer trees, and the lake view, it is also a dog friendly room. Parking is available in the adjoining courtyard for ease of access.