Apr 08

Ullswater Daffodil Festival

Ullswater’s very first annual Daffodil Festival continues from the 28th March to the 17th April, celebrating Ullswater’s famous daffodils, as immortalised by William Wordsworth in his most famous poem, ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’, two hundred and fourteen years ago. Little has changed since - Ullswater benefits from having been the neglected corner of the Lake District and has never been overdeveloped, on its Eastern shore in particular very little has changed in centuries, and not that much at all from the 1,000 years or so that mining and farming started shaping the landscape. Inspired by the determination to establish something positive after the disaster of December’s Storm Desmond and the subsequent floods, the Ullswater community has created this festival in celebration of the natural beauty of the valley, and its cultural associations, and invites visitors to come along and enjoy all there is to offer. National Trust and National Park Rangers are offering guided walks, some in conjunction with Ullswater ‘Steamers’. You can even take to the water to get a different angle on the lakeshore daffodils. There are Afternoon Teas, bulb plantings, and creative workshops, all inspired by our beautiful spring bloom. The timing is perfect, the daffodils are in full bloom accompanied by the other spring flowers – our shoreline is sprinkled with primroses, wood anemones, wild garlic, and marsh marigolds, bluebells cannot be far behind. Sharrow Bay is offering a limited accommodation to stay right next to Ullswater Lake for the duration of the festival to help you enjoy your visit!

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